Alpha PNR Pilots Headset

Equipped to Fly
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Passive Headset with 24dB Ear Protection

  • 24dB of noise reduction
  • Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Dual Volume Controls
  • Free Cotton Ear Seal Covers
  • Weight 16.3oz

Most of the entry level Headsets on today’s market seem to offer inexpensive wire microphone booms that loosen up after a couple of flights and you end up struggling to keep the microphone close to your lips as you try to concentrate on flying. We have all been there.The Headset clamps your head, and the ear cups are uncomfortable. Each flight is just a miserable experience.

Our Alpha PNR Headset offers pilots an entry level headset without sacrificing features.
Equipped to Fly worked hard to bring to market a headset packed with hi-end features at an affordable price.



• Noise Reduction of 24dB
• Extra Thick Acoustic Foam Ear Seals offer added comfort
• Noise Canceling Electret Microphone offers excellent clear communications
• Steel Flex Microphone Boom offers precise Mic Placement
• Stainless Steel Headband with Air Channel Head Pad eliminates hot spots
• Available in both GA and Helicopter versions
• Dual Volume Controls offer precise volume control for each ear
• 100% Cotton Comfort Ear Seal Covers Included with each Headset
• Weight 16.3oz (Without cord assembly)
• 3 Year Warranty

GA Version: $95.00
Helicopter Version: $110.00