Hawk PNR Pilots Headset

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Passive Headset with 26dB Ear Protection

  • Supple Protein Leather Ear Seals
  • 26dB Ear Protection
  • Noise Canceling Microphone
  • MP3/iPhone/Android/Audio Input
  • Weight 16oz

Our Hawk PNR Headset offers excellent value for money with leading features and a impressive noise rating of 26dB.

Protein Leather Comfort Ear Seals and a 3.5mm Audio Input Jack with included audio cable enables the pilot to connect to your MP3 Player, iPhone or Android device so you can listen to music during flight and connect to your phone on the ground while you open /close your flight plan.

The Hawk PNR Headset will be your "Go to Headset"


• Supple Protein Leather Acoustic Ear Seals with a noise reduction up to 26dB
• Noise Canceling Electret Microphone offers excellent clear communications
• Microphone Steel Flex Boom offers exact Mic Placement
• Stainless Steel Headband with Air Channel Head Pad helps eliminates hot spots
• Available in both GA and Helicopter versions
• Molded Ear Cups with Dual Volume Controls offer precise volume control for each ear
• Equipped with Earcup MP3 / iPhone Audio Input with supplied cable
• General Aviation version has a Stereo / Mono Built in switch
• Weight 16oz (Without cord assembly)
• 3 Year Warranty

GA Version: $149.95
Helicopter Version: $189.95